Coding with Kids, Debugging with Adults

April 30th 6:30–9pm at Substantial (900 E. Pine St #202, Seattle WA 98122)

Learn about one of the hottest volunteering trends in the tech world – helping teach kids computer programming – from the leader of the area’s premiere free computer programming club for kids: Seattle CoderDojo. Then he’ll show off progress on his latest side project, teaching browser developer tools as a game, featuring the F12 developer tools in Internet Explorer 11.

About Greg Bulmash:

Greg Bulmash is an urban legend. Really. Look him up on Besides being the most famous employee McDonald's never had, he's a former senior editor at IMDb, Zend Certified Engineer in PHP, organizer of the 500+ member Seattle CoderDojo meetup, and he currently writes developer guidance for the MSDN Internet Explorer Developer Center.